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Mode 7 Media is run by me, Graham Johnston. I am:

  • a freelance UX web designer;
  • an information architect;
  • a copy editor experienced in web writing and search engine optimisation (SEO);
  • based in Brighton, UK;
  • fond of WordPress.

I have 17 years’ experience producing quality, easy to use websites on a wide range of subjects and am particularly focused on making the end-user experience as simple and intuitive as possible.

If you’re interested in discussing your web project please do get in touch.

I will:

  • ensure that your site meets the required accessibility standards at launch.
  • offer support maintaining that standard with your changing content over time.

Even if there were no legal obligation to maintain good standards of accessibility (i.e. include as many diverse groups of potential visitors as possible) there is a strong business case and moral argument for doing so.

Besides, why exclude people needlessly?

I charge affordable prices with options to match your budget

I work from my home office, have no staff to pay (but bring in other expertise for aspects of your project if required) and have minimal overheads.

This keeps costs down regardless of your budget.

I can build a site for you from scratch or, if you are on a tight budget or time-scale, can help you choose an appropriate pre-built template or theme for your site and then fully customise and configure it for you.

This can save a lot of time and brings the cost down even lower.

If you have a question about your site, want to develop it further in some way or are stuck and need help, I make sure I’m available.

There are no account managers to deal with, no multiple support staff who you have to explain the same simple thing to again and again. There’s just me and I will aim to answer your questions straight away.

I will never leave a client stranded and will make sure your questions are answered to your satisfaction.

No gobbledegook and no jargon.

Peta Cruttenden, Senior Trainer/Team Leader at Sussex Health Informatics Service

To help get you up and running with as much ease as possible I offer training in:

  • how to update your website and put your content online;
  • how to maintain usability when publishing to the web.

Ongoing support is also available as and when required for as long as your choose.

I won’t build your site and then move on to the next project, leaving you stranded.

A good site architecture / structure helps you get your messages across and enable your site users to find what they need.

It will also enable your content to grow over time and still be as easy to navigate as it was on launch day.

I can help you make a usable and effective site by researching and documenting your site’s users’ requirements and employing my 17 years’ experience.

I have been creating flexible future-proof site structures since 1998 and training content authors how to do the same since 2003.

Peta Cruttenden, Senior Trainer/Team Leader at Sussex Health Informatics Service

You have full control over your site and its content

You will never need to pay me or anyone else to make a simple update to your site’s content. I build it in WordPress so you can update it yourself in as simple a way as possible. No need for any web experience or knowledge of HTML code.

If you have an existing site which you are unable to update I can make it possible for you to take control of that too in a similar way.

This doesn’t mean I’m not interested in your content. I am also a skilled copy-writer and am happy to help you out there too if required.

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