About me

Mode 7 Media is run by me, Graham Johnston. I started designing websites in 1997 and have maintained a passion for web usability ever since.

I enjoy making difficult things seem easy for the client, whether it be producing a coherent workable future-proof structure for all their information or simply moving their project along and taking care of the details.

My aims are to:

  • have a strong focus on the end-user;
  • make difficult things seem easy;
  • make complicated things clear;
  • produce websites which are easy to use and easy to maintain;
  • never leave clients unsure of what to do without any help.

I achieve these aims through:

  • clarity and simplicity
  • thoroughness and patience
  • researching your site’s users’ requirements
  • longevity of work
  • 17 years experience developing concepts and delivering support to all levels.

Outside of work, I:

  • have a partner, Ness, two young children and a house full of Lego;
  • am obsessive about all sorts of music (see my music on LastFM for an idea of my tastes);
  • avidly read. Popular science, current affairs, music and 1950s fiction are favourite subjects; John Steinbeck is my favourite author;
  • love all sorts of films, in particular independent, silent (Buster Keaton especially) or Ealing comedies. Down By Law, Chinatown or Ask A Policeman are a few favourites;
  • read more newspapers than I should.

See my Twitter profile for some of the recent things to divert me.