Why use Mode 7 Media?

Whether you’d like me to take on your whole project from planing to launch or focus on one aspect which you need extra support with, I can help.

My approach to web projects

My work largely focuses on the planning, research, prototyping, testing, content management and monitoring aspects of a web project. I also work with graphic designers, coders and content authors to ensure the end result is a standards-compliant, flexible, end-user focused website.

I have an excellent understanding of the principles of good user experience design / information architecture and believe a design should aim to:

  • enable users to know where they are, why they are there and where they are going;
  • meet expectations;
  • be ergonomic requiring a balance between minimal scrolling, mousing, clicking or reading to get where the user wants to go;
  • be accessible to meet a broad range of user needs;
  • be consistent and consider standards and conventions;
  • minimise user error;
  • work well for all skill levels regardless of whether the visitor is a first timer or regular.

Rather than taking a top-down approach where the designer or project participants impose what they assume users want, I aim to ensure a quality result by following these steps:

  • understand the goals and priorities of the site owners/stakeholders;
  • consider the different audience groups;
  • research the requirements of those groups and analyse the data from this research;
  • distil the analysis into diagrams to outline how the site should work (mental models, task models, user journeys, personas, etc.);
  • ensure drafts of the architecture, visual design and resultant code are based on the above by testing, refining and iterating as necessary.

Documentation of the above research, planning and testing are thorough but also concise enough for it to be read and referred to throughout the project.

This approach removes the influences of individual personal preference from the site, ensuring that the site is fully targeted on its goals and end-user requirements.

Benefits of working with me

Please get in touch and we can discuss your project