Captain Beefheart Radar Station homepage

This is where it all started for me. A hobby site which gave birth to a career and a passion for web communications which continues 17 years later.

The site focuses on the life and work of Don Van Vliet aka Captain Beefheart, a musician, writer and visual artist of influence. Despite its focus on an artist far outside the mainstream, the site has enjoyed a consistently high visitor-rate of over 2,000 unique vistors per day.

I am responsible for all design work and editorial decisions.

The site was one of five nominees for “Best Rock Fansite” in the Artists Direct Online Music Awards, chosen by “an academy of of online and music industry profesionals”.

It has been praised in music magazines world-wide, including The Wire, Select and Mojo. It was heralded by The Wire magazine as one of the 200 best music websites and described it as “quite simply a model fan site”.

It continues to go strong after all these years with a team of keen volunteers and very supportive lively community, without whom….

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