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Clicks and Klangs

Following the success of, I wanted to produce a website featuring all new / original content which focused on experimental / adventurous music.

This form of music is often covered in a mildly elitist way which can often lead to the impression that it is “difficult” music.  I wanted to take a different approach and make the music more accessible by writing in an engaging and humorous style where appropriate.

Just to open the music up further I created a licensed online streaming web radio show featuring a “virtual cover disc” of tunes by artists featured recently on the website.

I was entirely responsible for all design work, coding, soliciting contributions, editing contributions, writing content and producing the weekly web radio show single handed.

The Netsurfer Digest reviewed it positively:

“Clicks and Klangs promises to look at underground music from electronica to Zappa. CK number one takes up the torch of the avant-garde with articles about the lack of women in experimental music and a review of four albums by Nico. In a nice touch, CK plays the music covered in the monthly magazine on its own net radio show. Judging by the quality of the first installment, we have a winner.”

Other moments of gratification:

  • musician John Fahey’s posthumous release “Red Cross” included a lengthy tribute from Clicks and Klangs’ in its booklet;
  • author Jim DeRogatis said Clicks and Klangs review of his book was one his favourites;
  • musician and life-long hero Howe Gelb expressed his thanks for telling his story so well.

It was fun, highly rewarding with a very positive response from its readership but ultimately unsustainable alongside a full time job. The site has not been online since about 2002, however most of the content is available elsewhere.

Lesson learned: never give up on a domain when you think you don’t want it any more. You might want it again but someone else will probably have grabbed it by then and filled it with rubbish.