Sample wireframe for PregnancyFit250 iPhone app

iPhone app wireframes: “PregnancyFit250”

I designed fully annotated wireframes for an iPhone app for Lucie Brand at Bump 2 Mum Fitness. At the time of writing the app is being coded and will be available in the Apple App Store presently.

Lucie wanted an app to give daily tips to expectant mothers to help them relax, exercise appropriately, understand the changes which are occurring in their body and stay fit and healthy. The tips were mostly specifically tailored to the stage which the user is at within her pregnancy.

The app needed a flexible approach to enable users to view one tip a day, read them all in one go, search for something specific, mark favourites or browse by category.

My annotated wireframes plan the entire user journey through the app, including registering users’ stage in their pregnancy, managing tip notifications, searching, browsing and finding out more about Bump 2 Mum Fitness and Lucie’s book. They contain all information required by the app developer / coder to produce a working app.

I worked closely with Lucie throughout, amending the wireframes as required to precisely match her requirements.

See information about PregnancyFit250 on the Bump 2 Mum Fitness website