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I provided seven years’ of support to Sussex Cancer Network as their primary technical support / web advisor while employed by Sussex Health Informatics Service.

During that time I have:

  • performed a full redesign on their website;
  • created an intranet;
  • played a key role in the redesign of their current website;
  • designed a dynamic / database driven clinical groups meetings and membership facility enabling easy updating and dynamic content populating sections across the site;
  • attended monthly web group meetings as their web expert and problem solver;
  • ensured non-technical staff were fully supported and unintimidated by every aspect of the work which they need to do on their sites;
  • trained staff in all aspects of managing and updating their content.

I received an enthusiastic nomination from Sussex Cancer Network for a staff award due to the direction, guidance and support which I had offered to them during the previous year while building their new website.

Rather than simply piece together a structure for their current content I attempted to future-proof their structure, allowing space for expansion over coming years.  Four years later the structure still worked well for both authors and users and was retained in its entirety when the website was redeveloped in 2010.

Services provided:

  • Template design
  • Site structure
  • Content editor and author training
  • Content reviews
  • Technical and non-technical support for team

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