Sample wireframe for PregnancyFit250 iPhone app

iPhone app wireframes: “PregnancyFit250”

Design of fully annotated wireframes for an iPhone app.

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West Sussex Sexual Health

I have provided the team with a range of information architecture and UX design services.

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GP iTech Sussex homepage

Sussex GP iTech service marketing site

GP iTech is a key marketing tool enabling Sussex Health Informatics Service to reach and engage with the changing health economy in 2011 and beyond.

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East Sussex County Council homepage

East Sussex County Council

My primary role during the full redesign of their acclaimed public website was copy writer and content editor.

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Sussex Cancer Network homepage

Sussex Cancer Network

I received an enthusiastic nomination from Sussex Cancer Network for a staff award due to the direction, guidance and support which I had provided to them.

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Brighton Integrated Care Service

Brighton & Hove Integrated Care Service

Brighton & Hove Integrated Care Service (BICS) are a Brighton-based not-for-profit organisation who manage referrals from GPs for specialist treatment.

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NHS Brighton and Hove homepage

NHS Brighton and Hove

I provided seven years' of support to NHS Brighton and Hove as their primary technical support / web advisor.

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Wessex Dyslexia Programme homepage

Wessex Dyslexia Programme

The Wessex Dyslexia Programme site is a marketing site for a Hampshire-based tutor for adults and children with dyslexia.

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Clicks and Klangs screenshot

Clicks and Klangs

I was entirely responsible for all design work, coding, soliciting contributions, editing contributions, writing content and producing the weekly web radio show.

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ESHT occupational health wireframes

East Sussex Hospitals occupational health wireframes

I produced fully annotated wireframes for the team prior to a visual design being applied and created the structure illustrated by a visual site map.

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