Site planning and architecture

The early planning stages are the most crucial for your website. Mistakes or omissions at this point can have a considerable long-term impact on the usefulness of your site.

I have 17 years’ good experience in this area and can help you get it right by:

  • researching your stakeholder and end-user requirements before concisely documenting them to provide guidance throughout your project.
  • creating site maps to show how your information will be stored within your site; this structure will make it as easy as possible for your site to grow over time and still work well.
  • drafting wire-frames to show precisely what the main pages of your site will do and how they will do it.
  • testing all of the above with your end-users.
  • presenting all of the above to your visual designers, coders and stakeholders.

All of the above needs to happen for a successful web project before any content is written or any visual designs are considered.

If you would like help with the planning of your site please do get in touch.