Web hosting, development and support

Here is some of the feedback for the general web hosting, development and support which I provide:

Becky Gayler, South East Coast SHA:

I have known Graham for over six years and he provided my department with its web development support for more than three years.

Graham has excellent technical skills, but what really sets him apart from other web developers I have worked with, is his willingness and ability to really understand what it is the client needs to achieve – even when the client is struggling to articulate it themselves!

He is very patient will take time to listen and discuss options, rather than impose a “one size fits all” solution.  He will ensure the web solution provided has flexibility to grow and expand to fulfil potential future requirements, as well as meeting current needs.  He is always happy to try things and change or tweak until the optimum results are achieved and the client is completely satisfied.

Graham enjoys sharing his substantial knowledge; not only advising what works and what doesn’t, but actually taking the time to explain why, which is so important in establishing a good working relationship.  Nothing is ever too much trouble and there is never a “daft question”! Over the time I worked with Graham I gained a valuable insight into what made a good web page and could far more easily select and edit appropriate content.

He demonstrates a high level of understanding and expertise in all aspects of web design.  The sites he designs are extremely user-friendly, attractive and well structured. He is able to create the vital” first impression” which pulls people in rather than puts them off.

Graham is attentive, hard-working, creative and technically skilful – a real pleasure to work with.

Dr John Rivett, editor of GP extranet providing GPs with clinical guidance in the Hastings and Rother area

I am a GP working in Battle, and the web editor of a clinical guidelines extranet site called HARMLESS. Our target audience is primary care professionals (doctors and nurses and others) working in the Hastings & Rother area. For many years the technical and web design support for this has been provided by Graham Johnston about whom I have nothing but good things to say.

When he first took over this role he advised on site redesign and restructuring using CSS and has facilitated me editing the site using Adobe Contribute. He has been supportive in site maintenance and page design areas, as well as being very rapid to respond to enquiries and requests.

I have always felt him to be very flexible and sensitive to my requirements and wishes, which makes a pleasant change compared with many IT professionals. I have worked with him in both face-to-face and distant settings. I would unequivocally recommend him.

Rachel Haynes, head of communications for an NHS commissioning organisation:

One of Graham’s strengths was his ability to translate computer jargon into everyday English that all people could understand, and to pitch training at a level that suited the varied technical abilities of his audience. We could always rely on Graham to be approachable, knowledgeable, patient and keen to help.  He was able to answer our queries and help resolve our computer problems or, if the issue was more complicated, he would take the time to resolve the difficulty or suggest another way of working round the problem.

Cat Tardif, PBC operational manager, NHS Brighton and Hove:

Graham provides a consistently excellent level of support to my colleagues and I.

He responds to enquiries swiftly, regularly offers help and advice on a variety of issues and actions work requests efficiently and professionally.

Thank you for your outstanding support.

Dr Mark Evason, editor of GP extranet providing GPs with clinical guidance in the Eastbourne area

I have worked with Graham as my website developer over the last couple of years. I have always found him courteous and extremely prompt with any requests or queries I have raised. His level of expertise is excellent, his advice sound and it has been a pleasure to have Graham as a colleague.